Joined together

I proposed to my girlfriend a few weeks ago.

We've been dating for a little over two years, but she's been my best friend since we met in 2006. I think the fact that we became such good friends before pursuing a romantic relationship has made our current state possible.  We began by loving each other for who we are, what our personalities are like, what our passions are.  The romantic feelings just followed suit.

For years, I wondered and worried about who I was going to marry.  I was afraid I'd marry the wrong person or miss the opportunity to marry the right person.  When Jenna and I started talking about marriage, none of those thoughts entered my mind; I had a sense of peace and assurance that she was the girl I should marry.

I'm not saying everything in our relationship has been 100% certain or that our future is going to be easy and without conflict.  But I do believe that we are both fully committed to each other and to God to make this marriage a representation of what God intended.

I'm excited for the planning stages and the wedding day, but I'm really looking forward to the many years of partnership and our adventure of starting a family.  I'm excited to enter into this covenant with Jenna and with God.  I'm excited to love her and sacrifice of myself the way Christ sacrificed for His bride.
So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Matthew 19:6

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