How Emery makes me go crazy

I went to an Emery concert a couple weeks ago. I've seen them in concert a bunch of times (more than I can count), and it's phenomenal every time. It's really hard to explain the feeling I get at those concerts, but I'll do my best.

It really feels like I just become a different person. Those that know me will know that I'm rather reserved. I'm not really loud, I'm not hyperactive. I'm generally calm and collected.

That is not who I am when I'm standing in a mosh of people and Emery is playing their hearts out. I transform into a crazy person. I become completely unaware of the other people around me. I sing every last song and scream every last scream. I pull myself up on the barricade and I throw my hands in the air.

And, apparently, my enthusiasm does not go unnoticed.

The last couple times, Josh (the keyboardist and screamer) has allowed me to join the performance experience. He makes his way over to where I'm standing, grabs my head, puts the microphone in my face, and screams at me while I scream along with him. Sound crazy? It's amazing.

This craziness doesn't come about just because of some euphoria created by that environment; it's the connection I have to Emery's music. There's just something in the passion and emotion of their music and the messages they convey. They tackle issues that people struggle with, but never cease to push a message of hope. And when you see them perform, you know that these songs are directly from their hearts. And their passion and energy just translates to my own life, and I can't help but go crazy with them.

When I leave those concerts, I usually feel a variety of things:

Gross. (I'm covered in my sweat and the sweat of strangers.)
Hoarse. (All the screaming and singing usually makes me lose my voice.)
Achy. (It's a lot of work to maintain that front row spot!)

I feel so alive. For just that hour of them performing, I forget about all those other things that might weigh on my mind. For that hour, it's just this amazing band putting on this amazing show and just truthfully sharing their hearts and offering words of hope. That's the thing that makes the show so awesome for me. It's not because the band is phenomenal musically (which they are)or that they know how to put on a good show (which they do), it's because they're speaking to me where I'm at. I mess up, I struggle with things, but I have hope because those sins are forgiven. I have hope because I have a God that just loves me so much, that I can't comprehend.

And for that hour, I am just worshiping. I am letting go of everything else and just singing of failure, struggle, and hope. It's unbelievable.

I wonder what my church would think if I rushed the stage next weekend and went crazy like that...

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