Graduation countdown: 5 days

Today, I had my last morning shift at the Help Desk. I had to leave a little early to get ready for my interview.

The interview went really well. He showed a strong interest in my abilities and some of the ideas that I presented. I really think I would enjoy working for this company and in this position. It is definitely the type of position I've been looking for. There are still a few more interviews, but I should know sometime next week. I'm trying not to get excited about it, but it's really tough!

I have this problem where I take simple possibilities and turn them into these elaborate scenarios that I play out in my head. That's exactly what's been happening with this potential position. I keep thinking about where I will live, how my daily commute will be, what I'll do at work, how I'll interact with my friends, etc. So I really work these things up for myself with a very small basis of reason.

Anyway, I'm going to continue the job search and keep sending out my resume. I have a final tomorrow and one on Thursday, and then I am officially and completely done with college.

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