Eight things that defined 2008 for me

I'm not a new year resolution maker. I think it's rather ridiculous to put off "bettering yourself" until a specific day. If it's something you really feel you need to do, why put it off?

But I do think that a new year offers a time of reflection.

2008 was one of the best years I've had in a while. It was a year where I found things that made me truly happy. It was a year where I faced some of my demons and overcame them.

And since the end of the year is filled with lists, I decided I would make my own list. Here's a list of defining things that happened in 2008! (They're roughly in chronological order!)

  1. I fell more in love with Jesus than I ever had. I've been a believer in Christ for a large majority of my life. At the end of 2007, I experienced some doubts and thoughts I had never experienced before. I got over them after some meditation and prayer and my relationship and love for Jesus intensified far beyond any level they had before.
  2. I stopped eating meat. After a long time of consideration and research, I decided to stop eating meat on the basis of morality and duty to God. It's been about 9 months, and I still feel no desire to eat meat.
  3. I found out just how much I hate sales. Being a marketing major, this was a pretty heavy realization. While I knew that sales would never be my top pick for a career, I thought I could at least tolerate it. I thought wrong. The type of sales I did at Comcast are completely incompatible with my personality.
  4. I went to Ireland. It was, by far, the best trip I've ever taken.
  5. I made a really great friend. This guy is someone I can really talk to and who really understands where I'm coming from and my reasoning. I know some people would be thinking, "big deal," but for me, it really is. My whole life, I've really struggled to find a guy friend that is on the same page (or even in the same book) as I am spiritually and morally. It's nice to have someone to confide those ideas and feelings in. Not to mention, he's a lot of fun and we share a lot of interests.
  6. I started my last year of college! Enough said!
  7. My dad came home from Iraq in one piece. He is still telling me all about it.
  8. I finally entered into a relationship with the girl I know I should be with. After over-thinking it more times than I should have and weighing out every possible scenario, I realized that how I feel and the love I have for her was enough to overshadow everything else. We have been friends for so long and I look forward to our relationship growing for much longer.
Obviously, there were tons of other things that happened to me throughout the year, but those are some of the things that most defined the year for me. It was a pretty good year. I found myself feeling true happiness for the first time in a long time. It wasn't stages of happiness, times of joy, but a true happiness. It was pretty great.

2009 is going to bring a lot of changes for me. I'll be graduating and starting a new step in my life. I'm hoping that it will bring me the same kind of happiness and growth that 2008 did.

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Daniel DeMoss 4:29 PM, January 04, 2009

Man, those are all really awesome things! It's really cool to see how God has worked in your life in 2008 and to think about how he can do even more in 2009. Just keep living for him and he'll keep opening doors for you!


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